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The information on this web site (the 'Site') is provided for you by Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd. By using the Site, it will be considered that you have read and accept these conditions for use.

The information on the Site is purely general and is exclusively intended for generally informative purposes. Although Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd makes every effort to provide information that has been carefully compiled, it is not impossible that incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information could appear on this site. No guarantee of any kind, whether implicit or explicit, is given for the accuracy, topicality or completeness of the information provided, nor for whether the information is appropriate for a particular purpose.

Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the information on the Site without prior notice.

If you discover inaccuracies in the information being provided on or via the Site, you can report them to:

The Site may contain hyperlinks to other web sites over which Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd has no control or authority as regards technical matters or content. Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd can under no circumstances be held liable for the (further) existence of those sites, nor for the information included therein. Moreover, the inclusion of hyperlinks to other web sites does not imply that Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd agrees with the content of those sites or that any form of collaboration or relationship exists with those sites.

Under no circumstances can Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd or one of its directors, employees or advisors be held liable for damage caused by or deriving from any direct or indirect use of the Site or the information obtained on or through it. 

Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd is not liable for damage arising from any interruptions to the Site, for damage caused by technical defects or by viruses or similarly disruptive elements or from consulting or using web sites (e.g., via hyperlinks) to which reference is made on or via the Site, or the information contained therein. 

Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd is also not liable for electronic communications via the Site, such as sending e-mails, deceleration, interception or manipulation by third parties of those communications.

The user is responsible himself for any choice or decision made on the basis of any information obtained on or through the Site.

The user of this Site must himself take every reasonable precaution against viruses, bugs, Trojan Horses, etc.

The Site enjoys the protection of copyright. The copyright on all the information provided rests with Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd and that information consequently cannot be reproduced or distributed without the prior and express permission of Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd.

Any disputes in connection with or arising from (the use of) the Site will be exclusively subject to Australian legislation.



The personal information that you enter will be processed by Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd. Your personal information will be processed in a manner that accords with the applicable legislation and regulations.

By entering your personal data on the Site, you give Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd express and unambiguous permission to process those data.

Purposes of processing your data

Your personal data will only be collected and processed for the following purposes:

The use and management of the Site in general, including sending and receiving messages

The provision of information on the features, services and products of Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd.

 Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltd will only process those personal data that are in this case necessary for the aforementioned purposes.

No forwarding of personal information

Your personal information will not be forwarded to third parties.

Your rights

You always have access to your personal information when you visit the Site and may check it for accuracy or correct it. You can also have your data removed. To do this, contact However, removing your data may result in you no longer being able to use (part of) our services.


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Modifications to the Privacy Statement

 Schneid Flooring Australia Pty Ltdreserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement without prior notice in accordance with the current privacy rules.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact the